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Scholarship Award Schools

College of Charleston Logo

The School of Business at the College of Charleston offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to learn about global trade and shipping through a robust global intermodal supply chain curriculum and a relationship with the South Carolina State Ports Authority that has lasted more than 20 years. The Global Logistics and Transportation Program allows students to earn a concentration or minor that exposes undergraduate to real-world supply chain and logistics concepts. This program requires intensive study and in-depth industry perspective that is enhanced through internships, a required study abroad, and interaction with supply chain professionals. The addition of C of C to IANA’s Scholarship Awards Program will help the school enhance its intermodal curriculum, provide student tuition support, and support travel to freight and intermodal facilities and events.

University of Denver Logo

In 2006, The Intermodal Transportation Institute at University of Denver became the first academic program to participate in the IANA Scholarship Award Program. Recently renamed The Transportation Institute at the University of Denver, DTI’s programs continue to provide leading executive transportation education for professionals and senior leaders in global transportation, logistics and supply chain management. The partnership between IANA and DTI helps to strengthen the next generation of the intermodal freight industry’s mid-to-senior level management and provides educational resources for industry leaders to inspire transportation solutions by offering executive master’s degrees, short courses and symposia.

IANA member companies must have been an IANA member in good standing for at least two years in order for its employees to be eligible to receive a scholarship and employees must receive at least 50 percent of their tuition from their employer.

The association has awarded scholarship money to over 40 employees of the following IANA member companies:

  • APL Ltd.
  • BNSF Railway
  • CMA-CGM (America)
  • Container Port Group
  • FedEx Ground
  • Florida East Coast Railway
  • Georgia Ports Authority
  • Horizon Lines
  • Hub Group
  • J.B. Hunt Transport Services
  • Knichel Logistics
  • Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Pacer Global Logistics (Now XPO Logistics)
  • Pacer International (Now XPO Logistics)
  • Pacer Stacktrain (Now XPO Logistics)
  • Schneider National
  • TTX Company
Georgia Southern University Logo

The Department of Logistics & Supply Chain Management at Georgia Southern University is one of the only programs in the country to offer a Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Intermodal Transportation. This major leverages the University’s proximity to the Port of Savannah and prepares students for careers in the intermodal industry with coursework focusing on basic logistics and transportation topics in addition to advanced operations, international logistics, and intermodal distribution issues. As a one of the newest schools to join IANA’s Scholarship Award Program, initial support from the Association will be used for student tuition support, enhancement of student curriculum, and student travel to freight and intermodal facilities and events.

University of Maryland Logo

Robert H. Smith School of Business
Supply Chain Management Fellows Program

The IANA Scholarship Award Program funds the Robert H. Smith School’s Supply Chain Management Fellows, a unique program that exposes elite Maryland students to the real-world application of SCM coursework in the supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries. Since 2007, The Association’s Scholarship Award to the University of Maryland has supported supply chain and intermodal career development, lecture seminars with transportation industry executives, and participation at the Intermodal EXPO and study trips to North American intermodal facilities.

Career Development

In order to facilitate the placement of Fellows students in internships and full-time positions with IANA’s member companies, IANA and The Smith School’s Office of Career Services have jointly developed The Intermodal Job Portal. This online recruitment tool directly connects Maryland’s Supply Chain Fellows to the entry-level hiring needs of the intermodal industry.

University of North Florida Logo

Coggin College of Business
B.B.A. in Transportation and Logistics

UNF’s Transportation & Logistics Flagship Program, located in the heart of “America’s Logistics Center,” is a nationally recognized in undergraduate logistics, transportation and supply chain management education. This program, prepares students for exciting, meaningful careers in logistics and transportation (and the broader supply chain) by offering a combination of small class sizes, an emphasis on individualized student-faculty interaction, and exposure to Jacksonville’s vibrant, rapidly growing logistics business sector. Since acceptance into the IANA Scholarship Award Program in 2010, support from the Association has broadened the resources available to UNF and provides students with exciting opportunities to apply the concepts learned in the classroom to real-world operations through an intermodal case competition, case study development and monetary scholarships.

University of North Texas Logo

Since becoming an IANA Scholarship Award recipient in 2013, The University of North Texas’s Center for Logistics Education and Research has received additional resources that have led UNT to place significant emphasis on developing its logistics, supply chain management, and transportation programs. Recognized as an emerging leader in transportation and logistics education, the Logistics Center attributes its program’s recent accolades directly to the Association’s financial support. Specifically, IANA’s Scholarship Award Program has enabled UNT to demonstrate the caliber of its students through academic competition; develop a high-tech logistics systems laboratory; and support undergraduate students in research, course development, internships, and tuition support.

Old Dominion University Logo

The ODU Strome College of Business is one of the only American universities with a focus on port research and the only school east of the Mississippi River to offer undergraduates with a major in Maritime and Supply Chain Management. The school’s location in Hampton Roads, home to one of the country’s busiest seaports provides students with unique opportunities to learn about the variety of stakeholders involved in the intermodal supply chain. Graduates of the program enter into the intermodal workforce with an integrated working knowledge of maritime operations and the complex needs of regional, national, and international shipping, transportation, and distribution networks. The addition of ODU to IANA’s Scholarship Award Program will help enhance supply chain and port operations simulation software, provide student tuition support, and enable student travel to intermodal facilities and events.

University of North Texas Logo

In May 2014, The University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Transportation and Logistics Management Program became the fourth recipient of an IANA Scholarship Award. As one of the few university programs offering a required course in International and Intermodal Freight Operations, the partnership between IANA and UW – Superior will enhance the school’s transportation curriculum and provides students with exciting educational opportunities. Specifically, the IANA Scholarship Award Program supports The University of Wisconsin-Superior’s participation at the Intermodal EXPO, monetary scholarships and research fellowships for students, and an intermodal outreach summer program for high school students.

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