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Intermodal Information Services

IANA offers an array of value-added services and programs through industry data and information delivery flows that assist in facilitating business processes and enabling transactions. These programs focus on information demands in the intermodal industry in the areas of environmental initiatives, risk management, safety and security.

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IANA administers the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement, the only standard equipment interchange contract in the industry that outlines the rules for the equipment interchange among ocean carriers, railroads, leasing companies and intermodal trucking companies. IANA acts as a clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of motor carrier insurance information and supporting documentation necessary to meet the program requirements and specific needs of participating equipment providers. UIIA currently has nearly 7,500 motor carriers and 54 equipment provider signatories and is utilized for approximately 95% of all North American intermodal equipment interchanges.

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The Street Interchange Application provides an online platform that facilitates MC to MC street interchanges and street turns for both Motor Carriers and Equipment Providers under the UIIA. The system electronically captures the transfer of liability, damage and indemnification set forth under the UIIA from the originating motor carrier to the receiving motor carrier when the street interchange is performed and maintains a record of the details related to the transaction for future reference by the involved parties.

The Terminal Feed Service enables motor carrier interchange status information to be disseminated electronically on behalf of participating UIIA equipment provider subscribers to over 90 terminals, container yards and depots across the U.S. and Canada. This service assists in expediting the interchange process by ensuring that intermodal facilities receive motor carrier interchange status data in a timely and efficient manner.

The Insurance Agent Directory is an online tool that allows insurance agents the ability to promote their services to Motor Carriers in the UIIA program as well as other companies that visit the UIIA website.

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The Intermodal Driver Database is a secure web-based system for motor carriers to provide and maintain driver identification information required to access specific intermodal facilities. The IDD contains over 415,000 active driver records provided by over 7,550 motor carrier companies. The IDD helps to increase cargo/unit visibility and theft prevention, while increasing efficiency by reducing vehicle queue times.

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The Intermodal Tractor Registry provides a registration point via a web interface developed as an expansion of the Intermodal Driver Database where UIIA licensed motor carriers can provide and manage tractor/truck information on behalf of their company drivers and/or owner operators. ITR currently houses nearly 377,000 tractors, representing more than 4,100 motor carriers.

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The Global Intermodal Equipment Registry is a virtual technology solution to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations requiring the identification of intermodal equipment and the intermodal equipment provider responsible for maintenance and repair of that equipment. There are over 650,000 chassis registered in the GIER database, representing 28 intermodal equipment providers.

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IANA’s Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting services link the Global Intermodal Equipment Registry, the Intermodal Driver Database and the Uniform Intermodal Interchanges and Facilities Access Agreement database to provide efficient access to data needed for DVIR reporting required under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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The Driver Vehicle Examination Report web portal & distribution system provides an efficient method for intermodal equipment providers and motor carriers to be notified and receive a copy of Driver Vehicle Examination Reports resulting from roadside inspections. To accomplish this, an interface connection between the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and IANA allows FMCSA to transmit copies of the DVERs electronically to IANA. IANA then, via email, notifies and delivers this information to IEPs and motor carriers registered in IANA’s DVER Web Portal.

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The Bad Order Equipment Status service provides a clearinghouse for equipment status information (bad order, gate hold, release) that allows for standardization of data communication formats, simplification of operating system interconnectivity and streamlining of trading partner information for all participants as it related to bad order equipment.

BOES offers the following features:

  • Notifies all parties ( intermodal equipment providers, facility operators and repair vendors) of equipment damage as identified by the DVER, DVIR, On-Terminal Damage Event or IEP direction
  • Routes IEP directions to bad order equipment
  • Notifies all parties of repair/release
  • Digitizes DVER information (DVER EDI capability)
  • Provides for ISO/AAR damage code conversion

For additional information on any of the above services, please go to or contact our Information Services Help Desk at 1-877-523-0225.

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