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Active Committees

IANA’s standing committees and task forces provide forums to address issues of significance and work towards solutions to specific challenges in areas of interest to stakeholders throughout the intermodal industry.

Representatives from member companies may participate on any committee in which their firm would like to be represented. Being named to a committee confers on the individual designated the responsibility to attend periodic meetings and otherwise actively participate in committee activities. The absence of active participation will constitute removal from the committee's roster.

Maintenance & Repair Committee

The intermodal Maintenance & Repair Committee addresses issues that relate to maintaining intermodal equipment and components in safe, good repair and in roadable/loadable service. Specific focus areas involve inspection, maintenance and repair practices. Also included in committee deliberations are documentation and reporting procedures and requirements.

Operations Committee

The intermodal Operations Committee is responsible for fostering better operational practices between intermodal transportation providers to ensure that customers receive the highest level of service. The Committee acts as a facilitator in resolving operational problems between and among intermodal providers — i.e. terminal operators, intermodal equipment providers and motor carriers. Specific focus areas involve terminal efficiencies, intermodal equipment interchange and driver productivity.

Committee Recommended Practices and Industry Tools

Committee Processes and Guidelines

Task Force Charter Template

Suggest an Issue for Committee Consideration

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