3PL - The Benefits of Membership

IANA provides the 3PL community access to and engagement with industry experts and collaboration opportunities with all industry stakeholders.

Make IANA membership work for your business by:

  • Participating in IANA's educational offerings, events and committee activities.
  • Contributing to IANA's publications.
  • BUILDing your network through IANA's membership directory and online marketplace.


IANA makes membership work for you by:

Improving Business Operations with committees, task forces and working groups:

  • IANA’s Operations Committee released its Driver Experience at Intermodal Facilities Task Force Report, maps out the terminal process experience to identify recommended practices aimed at improving the driver experience and ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • IANA’s Maintenance and Repair Committee is addressing aspects of improving chassis roadability, utilization and safety through its Good Order Chassis Working Group, Damage Prevention Outreach, Preventative Maintenance and Roadside Service Task Forces.

Delivering Actionable Knowledge through its education on-demand library:

Providing articles of interest to 3PLs:

Advocating on Your Behalf

Networking with Industry Decision-makers:


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