Key Staff


IANA's team is here to assist our members with the resources and opportunities they need to stay informed, aligned and on the path to success in the intermodal industry.

To reach a specific staff member by phone, dial the main IANA number at 301-982-3400, then their extension.

President & CEO

Joanne F. (Joni) Casey, ext. 349

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Cannizzaro, ext. 349

Vice President

Debbie Sasko, Information Services, ext. 777
Hal Pollard, Member Services, ext. 356

Assistant Vice President

David Garofalo, Membership & Marketing, ext. 357
Piyush Panchal, Information Technology, ext. 325


Robin Troy, Conferences & Events, ext. 332


Stacie Fagan, Information Services, ext. 777
Sherry Parnell, Information Services, ext. 777
Beth Pernerewski, Education & Scholarship Programs, ext. 331
Alex Shtogren, Marketing & Communications, ext. 328