Intermodal Volume Analyzer


IANA has developed a new resource to help you understand and analyze intermodal market data.

The only tool of its kind with the ability to filter the data by equipment type, size and ownership. With a few clicks, you can select the data that is relevant to your particular needs.

The Intermodal Volume Analyzer contains two sections that allow detailed analysis from multiple perspectives.

Summary Comparisons

The Summary Comparisons tab provides the ability to filter the data by equipment type, size and ownership.

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Four options allow you to customize your output.

  • DOM/INTDomestic includes all trailers, as well as 48’, 53’ and 60' containers
    International (ISO) includes 20’, 40’ and 45’ containers
  • EQUIPMENT — Shows volume moving in containers and/or trailers
  • LENGTH — Zero in on equipment by size
  • OWNERSHIP — Segment volume by rail-owned and privately-owned equipment, most relevant for understanding the domestic container market

Lane Comparisons

The Lane Comparisons tab provides the ability to segment data by total volume moving between region-pairs.

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This section functions in the same manner as those above.

  • Select a single region to see volume originating from there to all destinations.
  • Select a single destination to see total volume terminating in that region.
  • Click the menu selection button to choose multiple regions for origin and/or destination.

Note: the Intermodal Volume Analyzer is available by an annual calendar year subscription.

Note: the Intermodal Volume Analyzer subscription is nonrefundable.

For additional information, please contact Art Cleaver


Explore the Intermodal Volume Analyzer

Join Larry Gross of Gross Transportation Consulting in this discussion and review of IANA's newest data product and explore the insights that can be gained with this tool. Like what you see? We can arrange for a personalized online demo for you.

Need more data than just the previous year?
Delivered monthly, the Historical Volume Analyzer subscription includes current year equipment and lane traffic data along with five-year historical data.
Looking for raw data for your own analytics system?
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