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Intermodal Safety Briefing
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Ports and Marine

Vessel Routing and Supply Chains (Q3 2022)

Trends in Transloading (Q2 2022)

On-Dock Rail Versus Dray (Q1 2022)

Per Diem Charges — Carrot or Stick? (Q1 2022)

What is the National Shippers Advisory Council? (Q1 2022)

Panama Canal Expansion 5 Years Later: How Much Has Freight Transport Been Affected? (May/June 2021)

Improving Container Handling to Reduce Marine Terminal Congestion (Jan/Feb 2021)

Blank Sailings – What Are the Impacts on Intermodal? (Nov/Dec 2020)

Are Vessel Routing and Vessel Size Changing Intermodal? (Sept/Oct 2020)

IMO 2020 Fuel Rules—What Has Been the Market Effect? (July/Aug 2020)

Opening of Arctic Cargo Routes Doesn’t Threaten Intermodal (July/Aug 2020)

New Projects: Inland Ports, On-Dock Rail and Logistics Park Opportunities (May/June 2020)

Developments and Advancements in Port Security: Keeping America’s Seaports Safe (Mar/Apr 2020)

Intermodal Impact as Ocean Carriers Adjust to IMO Low Sulfur Rules (EXPO 2019)

On-Dock Rail Projects — Opportunities and Challenges (July/Aug 2019)

Intermodal Emissions Reduction Efforts Intensify (Mar/Apr 2019)

2019 International Container Market Outlook (Jan/Feb 2019)

Ports See Infrastructure Improvements, Increased Efficiency as Key to More Business (Nov/Dec 2018)

Inland Ports Present Opportunities, Driven by Trade and Intermodal Success (EXPO 2018)

Ocean Carrier Realignments Trigger Significant Change for Intermodal (May/June 2018)

Ocean Carriers Focus on Continued Adjustment to Global Freight Network (Jan/Feb 2018)

Service, Capacity, Innovation Focus Will Help to Sustain Intermodal Progress (Jan/Feb 2018)

Inland Port Projects Advance in East (Nov/Dec 2017)


Chassis Providers Share Issues, Solutions (Q3 2022)

Intermodal Network Capacity and Unpredictable Demand (Q3 2022)

Strong Activity Is Expected in the Intermodal M&A Market (Q3 2022)

Evolution of Chassis Provisioning (Q2 2022)

Infrastructure’s Public-Private Partnerships (Q2 2022)

Making Sense of Service Metrics (Q2 2022)

Grounded Versus Wheeled Intermodal Terminals (Q1 2022)

COVID-19 Recovery: Lessons Learned (July/Aug 2021)

Solving the Supply Chain Bottleneck (July/Aug 2021)

COVID-19 One Year Later: How Well Has the Intermodal Industry Rebounded (Mar/Apr 2021)

Intermodal Growth Opportunities Beckon in Current, New Markets (Mar/Apr 2021)

What Impact Could the New Administration’s Policies Have on Intermodal? (Mar/Apr 2021)

Dynamic Pricing – What Could the Impact Be on the Intermodal Industry? (Jan/Feb 2021)

Intermodal and E-Commerce: Perfect Together (Jan/Feb 2021)

Federal Funds for Freight/Intermodal Projects: How Successfully Have They Been Used? (Nov/Dec 2020)

Shifts from Trailers to Containers on the Rails: What Does the Future Hold? (Nov/Dec 2020)

Spot Market Provides Benefits, Opportunities for Intermodal (Nov/Dec 2020)

Intermodal in Mexico and Canada — A Status Update (Sept/Oct 2020)

Staggers Act Unlocked Rail Industry Potential-Spurred Intermodal Growth (Sept/Oct 2020)

How Changes in Supply Chain Sourcing Affect Intermodal (EXPO 2020)

Short-Haul Intermodal: Its Present and Future (EXPO 2020)

State Freight Transportation Plans — How Will They Affect Intermodal? (EXPO 2020)

COVID-19: How the Pandemic Is Changing Intermodal (July/Aug 2020)

PTC and PSR: Their Effect on Intermodal Now and in the Future  (July/Aug 2020)

Steel Wheel vs. Rubber Tire Interchange — the Pros and Cons  (July/Aug 2020)

Climate Change: What Effect Is It Having on Intermodal Infrastructure? (May/June 2020)

COVID-19: How the Intermodal Industry Will Deal with the Fallout (May/June 2020)

Intermodal Providers’ Ability to Adjust Is Key Strategy Amid Changing Transloading Conditions (May/June 2020)

Risk Management and Mitigation: How to Navigate It (May/June 2020)

Domestic Rail Network Rationalization: Reducing Costs While Increasing Efficiency (Mar/Apr 2020)

Intermodal to Face Continued Market Uncertainty  (Mar/Apr 2020)

Asset Tracking Pace in 2020: Much Progress Made, Much More to Do (Jan/Feb 2020)

Enhancing Intermodal Terminal Operations Productivity Continues in 2020 (Jan/Feb 2020)

Mergers and Acquisitions: What Effect Are They Having on Intermodal? (Jan/Feb 2020)

New Intermodal Market Growth Continues Despite Recent Cutbacks (Jan/Feb 2020)

Intermodal Evolves as Precision Scheduled Railroading Spreads (Nov/Dec 2019)

Intermodal to Face More Challenges in 2020, Experts Say (Nov/Dec 2019)

3PL, Carrier Communication Is Improving; More Progress Will Maximize Benefits (Sept/Oct 2019)

Intermodal Faces Unique Situation for Meal/Rest Break (July/Aug 2019)

The Open Choice Chassis Model — When, or If, or Ever?  (July/Aug 2019)

Independent Contractor Challenges Intensify on Multiple Fronts (May/June 2019)

2019 Intermodal Outlook: Still Bright, but Uncertainty Remains (Jan/Feb 2019)

Intermodal Carriers Seek Added Network Efficiency  (Jan/Feb 2019)

Investing in Infrastructure: Will Democratic Control of the House Make a Difference? (Jan/Feb 2019)

2018 Trailer Market Growth May Continue, but Questions Remain (Nov/Dec 2018)

Cross-Border Trade Spotlight: Canada, Mexico Markets Steady (Nov/Dec 2018)

Favorable 2018 Intermodal Market Conditions Are Expected to Continue (Nov/Dec 2018)

Addressing the Big Issues of Intermodal Network Capacity (Sept/Oct 2018)

Intermodal Thriving in 2018 Thanks in Part to Global Economic Growth, Experts Say (Sept/Oct 2018)

Key IANA Initiative: Building for the Future (Sept/Oct 2018)

Tariffs, Market Changes Test Carrier, Customer Collaboration (Sept/Oct 2018)

Productivity Improvements in Rail Terminals Are Still a Complex Subject (EXPO 2018)

E-commerce Creates Growth Opportunity for Intermodal (July/Aug 2018)

Intermodal Mergers, Acquisitions to Continue (July/Aug 2018)

Now Approaching Retirement, AAR’s Hamberger Aided Intermodal’s Emergence (Jul/Aug 2018)

Chassis Market’s Evolution Blends Promise, Challenges (May/June 2018)

Buying Decisions, Truck and Real Estate Costs Transform Transloads (Mar/Apr 2018)

Chassis Market Changes Focus on Pools, Efficiency (Mar/Apr 2018)

Effective Steps Can Be Taken When Terminal Capacity Is Tight (Mar/Apr 2018)

Equipment Condition, DVIRs Benefit Terminal Throughput (Mar/Apr 2018)

Storms Create Recovery Challenges, Foster Valuable Lessons Learned (Nov/Dec 2017)

Cross-Border, Mid-Range Markets Could Spur More Intermodal Growth (Sept/Oct 2017)

Megavessels Trigger Sweeping Intermodal Supply Changes (EXPO 2017)

Chassis Transition has Moved Forward, More Changes Ahead (Mar/Apr 2017)

Making Intermodal More Productive (Jan/Feb 2017)

Recruitment and Retention
Safety and Security

How PSR and Automation are Enhancing Train Operations (July/Aug 2021)

Communicating Information to Trucks and Yard Vehicles in Real Time (May/June 2021)

Telematics Delivers Wide-Ranging Safety Benefits for Intermodal (May/June 2021)

Technology Series: Positioning Chassis Assets Where & When They're Needed (Mar/Apr 2021)

3PL Communications: Using Technology to Optimize Communications (Jan/Feb 2021)

ELD Mandate: One Year Later, How Has It Changed Intermodal? (Nov/Dec 2020)

Digital Load Matching — Opportunities & Challenges (Sept/Oct 2020)

Autonomous Trucks: Their Current and Projected Path (EXPO 2020)

Intermodal Rail Technology — Much Achieved, Still More to Do (EXPO 2020)

Advances in Intermodal Terminal Gate Technologies (July/Aug 2020)

New Technology: Planning and Preparing for Its Implementation (May/June 2020)

Information Sharing — Motor Carriers Perspective (Mar/Apr 2020)

Terminal Appointment Systems: What Does the Future Hold for Them? (Mar/Apr 2020)

Diesel Alternatives: A Growing Presence in Intermodal (Jan/Feb 2020)

Intermodal Freight Data and Information: 3PL and Asset Holders’ Perspectives (Jan/Feb 2020)

Container Tracking Innovations: 3PL Adoptions and Implementations (Nov/Dec 2019)

Telematics for Chassis Represent Significant Opportunity for Intermodal (EXPO 2019)

The Driver Experience: Effects of the Final Phase of ELD Implemantation (EXPO 2019)

Cybersecurity Focus Benefits All Intermodal Participants (July/Aug 2019)

Technology Series: Information Sharing — Marine Terminal Operating Systems (July/Aug 2019)

Technology Advancements Aid Customer-Supplier Relationships (May/June 2019)

Are OTR Dispatch Apps a Factor in Today’s Intermodal Market? (Mar/Apr 2019)

Big Data and Blockchain: The Future of Intermodal Technology? (Mar/Apr 2019)

Drayage Service, Communications Are Enhanced by Apps (Mar/Apr 2019)

Positive Train Control: Advancing Toward a Tech-Based Future (Jan/Feb 2019)

Cybersecurity Is Emerging as Key Freight Industry Issue (Sept/Oct 2018)

Technology Offers Tempting Opportunities in Terminal, Advanced Vehicle Sectors (Sept/Oct 2018)

Tracking Technology Advancements Poised for More Growth (Sept/Oct 2018)

ELD Mandate Should Improve Efficiency, Turn Times–Eventually (EXPO 2018)

Truck Platooning May Bring Benefits to Intermodal (EXPO 2018)

Technology Enhances Intermodal Capacity, Builds Attractiveness (July/Aug 2018)

3PLs Adopt Technology to Enhance Customer Relationships (May/June 2018)

As Technology Changes Business Relationships, Personalization Still Matters (May/June 2018)

Blockchain Presented as Option to Aid Intermodal Information Flow (Mar/Apr 2018)

Intermodal Moves Toward ‘Digitization’ of Data (Jan/Feb 2018)

Intermodal Benefits from Technology Grew in 2017, Should Increase in Future (Nov/Dec 2017)

Intermodal Technology Efforts Gain, More Coordination Needed (Sept/Oct 2017)

Suppliers' TMS Offer Flexibility, Visibility to Meet Unique Intermodal Requirements (May/June 2017)

Suppliers Can Prosper Using Multiple Channels, New Approaches (Mar/Apr 2017)

Voice of the Shipper Series