Data & Statistics


IANA collects and maintains a range of data on the performance of the North American intermodal freight network. These subscriptions provide critical tools for the effective management of business assets across the intermodal supply chain.

Intermodal Volume Analyzer

The only tool of its kind with the ability to filter the data by equipment type, size and ownership. With a few clicks, you can select the data that is relevant to your particular needs.

Historical Intermodal Volume Analyzer

Data can be segmented by equipment type, size and ownership using five-year historical data, along with current year data, to allow for more customized comparisons.


IANA provides aggregate intermodal rail volume data in the Equipment Type, Size and Ownership database. The annual subscription to the ETSO provides access to regional volume flow, various sizes and types of equipment, equipment ownership — whether private or rail-controlled, and cumulative data by month.


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