IANA has a singular purpose, to keep intermodal freight transportation constantly moving forward. To do so, the association needs the engagement of all facets of the diverse industry.



Learn how IANA's members handled the pandemic and their thoughts on 2021 and beyond.

IANA's membership of over 1,000 corporate members is broken down into voting and non-voting categories.

Voting membership — comprised of five divisions

  • 3PL Division — companies that act as shipping intermediaries that arrange, purchase and sell intermodal freight shipments
  • Marine Division — companies that provide freight transportation by water that has prior or subsequent movement by another transportation mode; also includes intermodal stacktrain transportation companies, port authorities and port terminal operators
  • Motor Carrier Division — companies that provide truck transportation of freight that may or may not have a prior or subsequent movement by another mode of transportation
  • Rail Division — companies that provide intermodal rail transportation and associated intermodal terminal services
  • Supplier Division — companies that provide products or services other than transportation to any member of the association, covering a broad spectrum of service and product providers

Non-Voting membership

Allows the inclusion of other organizations with influence and interest in intermodal transportation.

  • Associate — limited to government and the military, associations, shippers/receivers, the academic community, media and other related organizations



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Delivering Actionable Knowledge

Education: Acquire the most up-to-date and relevant industry information delivered through IANA’s events, committees and task forces, webinars, publications, and website.

Networking: Connect with existing and new colleagues, peers and customers through our events and our interactive and searchable member database.

Events: Accelerate your learning, increase your customer base and develop practical solutions to your business through attendance, sponsorship and exhibiting.

Innovation: Engage with industry leaders on how they are helping advance the state of intermodal, now and in the future.

Communications: Leverage a variety of information tools to help keep you abreast of what is happening in the industry, as well as to help advance your business needs.

Discounts: Enjoy reduced fees on all of IANA’s products, programs and services.


Mode Neutrality: Within the IANA family the only agenda is to further the intermodal industry’s role and impact on freight transportation. We provide a forum that considers all viewpoints and develops consensus solutions to common industry challenges and business processes.

Committees & Task Forces: Expand your knowledge of the industry’s most pressing issues and participate in the problem-solving process.

Advocacy: Collectively influence and shape the legislative and regulatory environment within which the intermodal industry operates.

Scholarship Program: Help develop future intermodal leaders. Since its establishment in 2007, IANA has awarded over $3 million to universities to progress the education of the freight transportation industry’s next generation of leaders.


Recommended Practices: Be involved in developing consensus around practices that will benefit the industry. Improve your company’s safetyoperations and M&R practices through IANA committee recommendations.

Business-to-Business: Actively participate in the platforms IANA provides to facilitate business, at events or through our other tools such as our online Intermodal Marketplace.

Visibility: Gain exposure for your company’s products and services through advertisingsponsorship and exhibiting opportunities.

Market Data: Take advantage of the latest in industry market intelligence to understand the market now and help you prepare for the future.

Information Services: Explore IANA’s value-added services, including industry data and information delivery flows that facilitate business processes and enable transactions in the areas of environmental initiatives, risk management, safety and security.


“IANA provides great opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders. They connect the entire intermodal freight community together to innovate solutions to improve our industry’s day-to-day operations. We are proud to be a member.”
Dave Hensal
President & COO, Eagle Systems, Inc.