General Information

A – IANA is an acronym for the Intermodal Association of North America. IANA is a transportation trade association representing the combined interests of the intermodal freight industry.

UIIA is an acronym for the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement a standard industry contract between truckers/drayage companies and water/rail carriers and leasing companies (Equipment Providers). The UIIA program is administered by IANA and covers liability and other issues related to the interchange of intermodal equipment (containers, chassis, etc.) between the two parties.

A – If you are not sure whether your company is an IANA member, please click here to view a list of current IANA Members by Division. Information on how to become an IANA member is available by visiting IANA’s website (http://www.intermodal.org. Click here to learn about the Benefits of IANA Membership.

A – All UIIA participants are provided with a password when they initially register for UIIA participation. This password, along with the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC Code), will permit access to your company’s account information.

On the Information Services home page, click on the appropriate login in the main navigation menu at the top of page under Log Into Your Account or Application Logins on the hompage.

A – If an employee of a participating company forgets their password, they can click on the "Forgot Password?" link in their respective login page. Login pages are accessible from the Information Services home page by clicking on the appropriate link in the main navigation menu at the top of page under Log Into Your Account. You can find same login links across the bottom row of the Information Services under Application Logins. An e-mail will be sent to the primary contact e-mail in the UIIA subscriber record that contains a link for the user to reset its password.

If your company does not have your SCAC code, the UIIA contact on file for your company can request your password information via email to uiia@intermodal.org. Please note that the request must be submitted by the UIIA contact on file as this information will not be released to any other party.

A – No, the UIIA requires that a Motor Carrier have a current Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC), but our office does not handle the issuing of SCAC Codes. This is handled by National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). Their office can be reached at (703) 838-1831 or you can apply for the code online at https://secure.nmfta.org.

New Motor Carriers

A – You can register on-line at https://mc.uiia.org/apps/auth/registerguid (for detailed instructions for online registration click here).

A – There is an annual administrative service fee to participate in the UIIA - Click here for a copy of the fee form. If your company is also an IANA member and wishes to participate in the UIIA program the annual administrative fee will be at the discounted rate.

The annual service fee covers the costs associated with the administration of the program.

A – If your company is not sure if it is an IANA member, please Click here to view the IANA Member List. Information on how to become an IANA member is available by visiting the IANA's website at www.intermodal.org. Click here to find out the Benefits of IANA Membership.

A – We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for credit card payments. If your company prefers to pay by check, we will accept a faxed copy of the check in order to expedite your application. Once your company is accepted in the UIIA, we must receive the original check within seven (7) days or your company’s participation will be cancelled. All Canadian checks must be in US Funds and drawn on a U.S. Bank.

A – SCAC stands for Standard Carrier Alpha Code. This is a four-letter code that is assigned by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) and is utilized to identify your company in both the UIIA and Equipment Providers (ocean carriers/railroads/leasing companies) databases.

You can use Form 4 of the UIIA Application packet to apply for a SCAC Code through the NMFTA or you can apply for the code online at https://secure.nmfta.org/.

A – The US DOT Number and Federal Tax ID number are required for participation in the UIIA.

The MC Number will be required depending on your company’s type of business operations. Any Motor Carrier that operates in/out of a port and/or intermodal rail facility is required to have an MC Number. The only exception to this would be:

1) Motor Carrier that is classified as a PRIVATE CARRIER (not for hire) and hauls its own goods.

2) Motor Carrier does local drayage only that does not require going in/out of a port and/or intermodal rail facility.

3) Motor Carrier is flagged through the FMCSA SAFER System database as "EXEMPT FOR HIRE" and does not have "AUTH. FOR HIRE" or "INTERSTATE" marked.

4) Motor Carrier only does business within Canada and does not do cross border moves into the U.S.

Question: Why are Motor Carriers required to have a MC number even if they only operate within their own state.

49 CFR 390.5 - Interstate Commerce means trade, traffic, or transportation in the United States:

(1) Between a place in a State and a place outside of such State (including a place outside of the United States);

(2) Between two places in a State through another State or a place outside of the United States; or

(3) Between two places in a State as part of trade, traffic, or transportation originating or terminating outside the State or the United States.

Question: How does one distinguish between intra- and interstate commerce for the purposes of applicability of the FMCSRs?

49 CFR 390.3 Interpretive Question 6:
Guidance: Interstate commerce is determined by the essential character of the movement, manifested by the shippers fixed and persistent intent at the time of shipment, and is ascertained from all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the transportation. When the intent of the transportation being performed is interstate in nature, even when the route is within the boundaries of a single State, the driver and CMV are subject to the FMCSRs.

A – The UIIA sets up the interchange contract for your company to do business with participting UIIA Equipment Providers. However, we DO NOT SETUP WORK for Motor Carrier participants.

Once a company is accepted in the UIIA, they need to contact individual Equipment Providers with whom they wish to do business directly to set up work. Make sure the Equipment Provider is aware that your company is a new participant in the UIIA.

The UIIA office provides each participating Equipment Provider with motor carrier interchange status information. Each Equipment Provider has access to this interchange status data so they can confirm whether your company has a valid interchange in place for them.

For your convenience, click here to obtain a list of the corporate contacts for UIIA Equipment Providers.

You may also want to try contacting Intermodal Marketing Companies that broker loads for some Equipment Providers. Click here to access a list of Third Party Logistic Companies (3PLs) that are IANA members.

A – Motor Carriers are encouraged to apply on-line for UIIA participation at Motor Carrier Login by clicking on New Member. We also suggest that you have your insurance agent register to become authorized to submit insurance on-line on behalf of your company by going to Insurance Agent Login and clicking on New Member.

The timeframe for completion of the process depends on how quickly all the necessary information is submitted to the UIIA office. Your account will be activated once all required information is received, but if all information is not received within 30 days from the start of the application process your account will be deleted from our system. If your account happens to get deleted prior to finishing the application process you would simply re-register to start the process again.

A – Yes, any UIIA Motor Carrier that brokers loads would need to register with FMCSA as both a Broker and a Motor Carrier.

A – In accordance with Section F.3. of the UIIA, if Equipment is interchanged by the UIIA Motor Carrier or is otherwise authorized by the UIIA Motor Carrier to be in the possession of other parties, the UIIA Motor Carrier shall be responsible for the performance of all terms of this Agreement in the same manner as if the Equipment were in its possession, unless the written consent of the Provider has been obtained. This would include providing first party insurance coverage should any claim occur. Any commercial agreement between the UIIA MC and a company they broker the load to would be outside the scope of the UIIA. If a UIIA Motor Carrier decides to broker a load it is important for their protection to ensure that the company they are brokering the load to is also a UIIA Motor Carrier participant that has the proper authority, insurance and SCAC Code in place. In addition, the UIIA Motor Carrier that brokers the load should make sure they are in compliance with Section F.3. of the UIIA as indicated in the first paragraph above.

Existing UIIA Motor Carrier Participants

A – Motor Carrier status information is provided to UIIA Equipment Providers electronically via EDI (electronic data exchange) or through the Equipment Providers access to the UIIA, via the Internet. Each Equipment Provider makes the determination of how they will receive UIIA Motor Carrier interchange status data.

A – Motor Carrier interchange status information is provided directly to the participating Equipment Providers under the UIIA. It is then up to the Equipment Provider to update the various facilities they utilize with this information.

Motor Carriers often experience delays with this process, so IANA developed the Terminal Feed Service. Under the Terminal Feed Service, UIIA Equipment Providers can have Motor Carrier status information sent directly to the facilities they utilize, expediting this process.

Unfortunately not all Equipment Providers take advantage of this value-added UIIA service. We continue to work to encourage those Equipment Providers not subscribing to the Terminal Feed Service to do so.

A – All UIIA Motor Carriers are provided with a password when they initially register for UIIA participation. This password, along with their company’s SCAC Code, provides access to their UIIA Account information, via the Internet at Motor Carrier Login.

A – If you forget your password, you may request this information on-line from the Motor Carrier login page at Motor Carrier Login by clicking on "Forgot Password." You will need to enter your SCAC Code and then a link to reset your password will be sent via email to the Main UIIA/IDD Contact on file. The Password will only be provided to the Main UIIA/IDD Contact.

The Main UIIA/IDD Contact may also change their password on-line once they have logged into their account at Motor Carrier Login under "Update Account Information."

A – Click here for UIIA Insurance Requirements.

Motor Carriers should access their account information online and click on UPDATE EP LIST under Manage Insurance Info to select the Equipment Providers they wish to do business with. They should also provide their insurance agent with the Insurance Agent Code and their SCAC Code and have the agent register to submit insurance online at Insurance Agent Login by clicking on New Member. If you do not remember your Insurance Agent’s Code to access your account, you can obtain this information by logging into your UIIA account and click on VIEW INSURANCE AGENT CODE next to your SCAC Code on the left side of your Homepage. We also suggest that your agent download a copy of the Insurance Instructions and also the on-line user guide for Insurance agents at Insurance Agent Help.

A – Motor Carriers may download copies of EP Addenda to the UIIA by accessing their UIIA account online.

Once you have logged into your UIIA account you can download all the Steamship Lines' addenda by clicking on "Download EP Addenda Info" from the top navigation bar or you can click on Update Equipment Providers List under Manage Insurance Info. Scroll down and click on the Equipment Provider’s company name and then click on Versions of EP Addenda. This will display a list of the addenda for that Equipment Provider that you can download based on the effective date you are looking for. The most current addendum will be at the top of the list.

Changing the company name that your UIIA participation is shown under can be done online. Click here to obtain instructions on Company Name Changes.

A – The formal written request for modifications can be sent to via e-mail to debbie.sasko@intermodal.org. and should include suggested language for the IIEC’s consideration and also identify the purpose and intent of including the language in the UIIA. request will be placed on the agenda for consideration by the Intermodal Interchange Executive Committee (IIEC) at its next scheduled meeting.

Equipment Providers

A – Equipment Providers wishing to participate in the UIIA will need to download the Equipment Provider Packet, which will provide you with instructions on what information is needed to participate in the program. Should you have questions, please contact the UIIA office at (301) 982-3400 ext. 352.

A – Equipment Provider annual administrative service fees for participation in the UIIA program are calculated based on three components:

Total Annual Volume — this figure is obtained from the previous year end PIERS Report for ocean carriers, the total volume reported by the AAR for railroads, or an annual census for non-traditional Equipment Providers (i.e., leasing companies, marine terminals, etc.).

Data Access Component — this figure is calculated based on how your company elects to access UIIA data (ie. EDI transmissions, Internet). Each access method is assigned a multiplier based on the level of labor involved in the process.

Motor Carriers Serviced — this figure is calculated based either on the number of motor carriers at the time of billing that have named your company additional insured on auto liability or if your company elects to be "carrier specific" it is based on the number of carriers flagged for your company in the UIIA database.
Please contact the UIIA office if you would like to obtain an estimate of the fees to participate in the program.

A – You can check the status of a motor carrier at anytime by accessing your account online.Click here to login with your company's SCAC Code and password. The password would have been provided to the UIIA contact on file for your company. Once logged in you can search for a Motor Carrier under MC Lookup and click on the Motor Carrier's Company Name to obtain their status.

Click here for detailed online instructions.

A – Reporting features are also available when you access your account online. Click here to view the User Guide for details on the reporting features.

A – Click on ACCESS UIIA ADDENDUM and then PRINT CURRENT ADDENDUM ON FILE for the current version of an EP’s addendum. For prior addenda versions, you will click on ACCESS ALL TEMPLATE VERSIONS under ACCESS ALL ADDENDUM TEMPLATES. To the right side of the screen, in the search box select PAST versions to display a list of prior versions of your addenda. Select the addendum you want and click on the DOWNLOAD button.

A – You will need to submit the changes your company wants to make to its addendum via email to Debbie Sasko (debbie.sasko@intermodal.org).

Staff will review the modifications and determine whether they require review by the Intermodal Interchange Executive Committee (IIEC), which oversees administration of the UIIA program. If the change requires the Committee's review, the information will be sent to the affected modal Committee members to ascertain whether the language is acceptable. If acceptable, the language will go into effect thirty (30) days from the date notice is sent to UIIA motor carriers advising of the change. If the Committee finds the proposed language unacceptable, the Equipment Provider will be given the opportunity to hold a conference call with Committee members to address any concerns regarding the proposed language.

If the proposed addenda language does not require Committee review, the revision will become effective thirty (30) days from the date notice is sent to UIIA motor carriers advising of the change.

A – Equipment Providers have the ability to download copies of a Motor Carrier's current insurance and insurance covering a specific timeframe once logged into their UIIA Account. The ability to print a Motor Carrier's current insurance will be available once you bring up the Motor Carrier account by clicking on "Print In-Place Policies." Insurance covering a specific timeframe can be obtained under "Lookup Archival & History" or you can send your request via e-mail to uiia@intermodal.org. If sending request via e-mail, please make sure to include the date of the incident.

A – The UIIA does have the ability to cancel a Motor Carrier at the Equipment Provider's request. The Equipment Provider must confirm to the UIIA office that proper notification has been given to the Motor Carrier being suspended in accordance with the Agreement.

Equipment Providers are required to handle all interchange suspensions and reinstatements through the UIIA web portal. This is to ensure that the Motor Carrier is provided with the required no less than three business day notice required under Section C.2. and G.14.c. of the UIIA. Notifications will be sent to the Motor Carrier advising of the pending suspension through the UIIA system to the contact on file in the UIIA subscriber record. If you prefer to send your request for suspension or reinstatement via e-mail to UIIA Staff to enter, please send an e-mail to uiiaeprequests@uiia.org. Click here for instructions on how to suspend or reinstate a MC’s interchange privileges through the UIIA application.

A – The Terminal Feed Service is a value-added service offered to UIIA Equipment Providers. It provides interchange status information directly to facilities designated by the Equipment Provider. The data is sent via electronic data transmission, via ftp (file transfer protocol). A full file is created each morning with hourly updates provided for the facilities throughout the day until 10:45pm (Eastern). There is an annual fee associated with this service and the Equipment Provider is required to execute a Licensing Agreement authorizing the UIIA to provide this data to the designated facilities. For more information, please contact Sherry Parnell at (301) 982-3400, ext. 348 or via e-mail at Sherry.Parnell@intermodal.org.

Insurance Agents

A – Agents are required to register to submit insurance online to the UIIA. You can do so by going to the login page for Insurance agents found at Insurance Agent Login and clicking on REGISTER NOW Once you complete and submit the online registration form, you will receive an email providing you with your account number and password. Please note that you will need your insured to provide you with their SCAC Code and Insurance Agent Code (this is a password code that is provided to each Motor Carrier to allow their agents to submit insurance online on their behalf). You will need this information the initial time you login to submit insurance for your motor carrier insured in order to link their company to your online account. After this, the account will be linked to your agency when you log in.

A – The basic insurance requirements of the UIIA are as follows:

  1. Auto liability policy for $1 million combined single limit covering any or scheduled/hired autos.
  2. A commercial general liability policy for $1 million per occurrence.
  3. The UIIE-1, CA23-17, TE23-17B endorsement must be made part of the auto policy.
  4. The Equipment Providers that your insured does business with must be named additional insured on the auto liability. Please note that Equipment Providers may also require to be named additional insured on general liability and trailer interchange as well.
  5. Other insurance requirements (ie. cargo, trailer interchange, workers compensation/employers liability) may be required by individual Equipment Providers.

Click here for more detailed information.

A – No, agents should only submit one certificate online that includes the insurance coverage for their insured along with applying the online Equipment Providers list that identifies the Equipment Providers that are listed as additional insured on the appropriate policies in accordance with the Equipment Providers requirements under the UIIA. The insurance agent also need to ensure that they check the 2 boxes under the description of operations on the online ACORD 22 certificate form confirming the additional insured information being provided as well as the UIIE-1 endorsement (if providing auto liability coverage).

A – No, the UIIA is only the certificate holder and does not need to be named additional insured. The Equipment Providers with whom your insured is going to do business under the UIIA are the parties that require to be named additional insured on the appropriate policies.

A – The UIIE-1, CA23-17 and TE23-17B endorsement is the Truckers Uniform Intermodal Interchange Endorsement. This is a hold harmless endorsement and is required to be part of the motor carrier’s auto liability policy. Any of the above endorsement forms are acceptable.

A – Trailer interchange is a type of insurance coverage that many Equipment Providers require. Should your insured want to do business with these companies, you will need to include the trailer interchange policy when applying the insurance online on behalf of your insured. The trailer interchange policy needs to cover the physical damage to non-owned equipment (containers, chassis and/or trailers) while in your insured’s care, custody and/or control. Please note trailer interchange must cover comprehensive and collision. Policies covering only fire and theft are not acceptable. Click here for more information on Trailer Interchange.

A – No, in-transit coverage is not acceptable for cargo. Acceptable wording for Cargo insurance coverage is "Motor Truck Cargo" or "Cargo."

A – The UIIA system is set up to expire insurance policies at 12:01 a.m. of the day of the expiration date, which often causes confusion with the Motor Carriers thinking they have coverage until 11:59 p.m. on the expiration date, when in fact, the policy expires on the first minute of that day. Therefore, Motor Carriers need to have their insurance renewal policies put into the system by their insurance agent prior to the expiration date.

In addition, insurance agents must ensure that the effective date of a policy is concurrent with the expiration date of the policy expiring so there is no lapse between the expiring and renewal/new policy; (i.e., a policy that expires 2/1/2016 should have a renewal policy with an effective date of 2/1/2016, not 2/2/2016.)

A – You would click on the link under the Description of Operations on the ACORD 22 for the ACORD 101. The ACORD 101 should be used to submit additional information that is not available on the ACORD 22 form.

A – If information is submitted online it will be processed immediately unless the information has an adverse impact on the insured’s account. In this case, a notice will be sent to the insured and to the agent. The certificate will be held under Bad Certs in the application until 11:59 p.m. If no new information is submitted prior to this, the certificate will then be applied by our overnight job.

A – Agents do have the ability to upload online through the UIIA application the ACORD 25 certificate of insurance. The system will read the information on the ACORD 25 certificate and then displays it to the agent. Agent will need to review and confirm if the UIIE-1 or CA23-17 endorsement is part of the auto policy and also if the equipment providers that the insured does business with are additional insured on the appropriate policies.

A – If the Motor Carrier is unable to approve the use of the ACORD 22 then they can upload the ACORD 25 in our system, however it will require confirmation by the agent of certain specific coverage and endorsements on the policies during the upload process.

A – Thirty (30) notice of cancellation is required on all policies unless cancellation is a result of non-payment, in which case IANA would need to receive no less than a 10-day advance notice of cancellation.

A – Click here for Instructions on cancelling or reinstating a policy online.

A – You will need to contact the UIIA office so we can provide you with a new Insurance Agent registration form. You will need to complete this document with the new company name and provide a letter on your agency letterhead confirming that the agency name has been changed and include the new agency license number.

A – After a certificate is submitted no further adjustment can be made unless the certificate contains pending policies where the effective date of the policy has not yet occurred. To add a new Equipment Provider would require that you submit a new certificate online with the policies that the new Equipment Provider requires to be listed as an additional insured.

A – Please note that when the agent submits insurance online, they will know as soon as soon as they save the certificate if there is a problem or not. The system will display the Smart Checklist to the agent that identifies any additional information needed in order for the insured to be approved with the Equipment Providers they have indicated they do business with under the UIIA. In addition, the agent and the Motor Carrier are notified should any insurance information be submitted that adversely impacts their status with UIIA Equipment Providers.

The agent will have the opportunity to go back to the SAVED cert and correct the problem before they actually submit the certificate. Once the cert is submitted, the agent would be required to submit a new certificate in order to correct any issues.

Intermodal Driver Database

A – Yes, companies may setup "Auto IDD Updates" via EDI or by using one of APIs. Click here for instructions if you would like to setup a test file for sending driver information electronically via EDI.

A – All Motor Carriers can register drivers once logged into their UIIA account by clicking on “ACCESS DRIVER DATABASE(IDD)" on the top menu bar. Then click on Lookup Dispatch Office and enter a dispatch location and phone number. After entering your dispatch locations, then click on Lookup Driver Info and click on ADD NEW to start adding drivers. Each driver will have a BNSF Pin Number which is a 4-10 digit number that the Motor Carrier creates for each of its driver and should be something that the driver can easily remember.

A – Only companies that subscribe to the Intermodal Driver Database have access to the driver information. This currently includes four of the Class I Railroads, which are BNSF, CSX Intermodal, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific.

A – You would need to register the driver in the IDD even if he is part-time. Should there be extended periods where the driver is not working for your company, then you would should terminate the driver. Should he return to work for your company, you would simply need to go into the system and remove the termination date.

A – The IANA IDD Pin Number is a unique nine digit number that is assigned to each driver based on SCAC driver is working for, Driver's License Number and License State.

A – Drivers working for more than one company should be registered under each Motor Carrier SCAC Code. A unique record in the IDD is MC SCAC, Driver's License and Driver's License State.

A – There is no difference other than should a Motor Carrier elect to delete a driver, it will no longer be displayed within driver roster. Terminated records remain in driver roster, but in a terminated status. Each company would also have the ability to sort their driver roster by status.

Subscription Users

A – This is used to setup companies to have web access to our Terminal Feed Service or for IDD Subscriber to the banned driver functionality.

A – The company would need to execute the Terminal Feed Sub License and be a terminal, container yard or depot that had been designated by an UIIA EP to receive motor carrier interchange data on their behalf under the Terminal Feed Service.

A – In order to use the banned driver functionality, the company would need to be a subscriber of IANA's Intermodal Driver Database (IDD). Once a subscriber credentials would be provided in order to use the banned driver web interface.

UIIA Equipment Use

A – The Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), in its administration of the UIIA, is not able to provide legal interpretations of the language contained in the Agreement. However, the Administrative Procedures, Appendix I, Section III. Requests for Interpretation of Agreement Provisions, provides the ability for participants to request interpretations of the Agreement by the Intermodal Interchange Executive Committee (IIEC). Please note that these interpretations are solely provided as a matter of guidance to the participant and limited to the applicability or consistency with existing provisions in the Agreement and/or Providers' Addenda.

A – Issues which involve charges are considered commercial matters that are beyond the scope of the Agreement and are handled in the individual EP addenda. The UIIA cannot adjudicate invoicing issues among participants. Matters involving commercial issues would need to be handled directly between the MC and the EP.

A – Participants should report non-compliance of the Agreement to the UIIA office. The UIIA will then notify the appropriate party of the violation. The party will be advised that as a signatory to the UIIA, they are bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement and will be requested to take the appropriate steps to correct the matter that is not in compliance.

A – Notifications of changes to an EP's addendum shall be effective thirty (30) days from the date of the notice provided from the UIIA office notifying the Motor Carrier of the revision.

A – UIIA Equipment Providers are required to handle all suspension of MC interchange privileges through the UIIA database. The UIIA system will automatically send a notification to the Motor Carrier advising them of the pending suspension and providing the no less than three business days notice of the pending suspension. Reinstatement of a Motor Carrier’s interchange privileges also need to be handled through the UIIA interface. Sections G.14.c. and Section C.2 outline the terms for suspension of interchange privileges for both monetary reasons as well as for other reasons.

A – Section E.6.c. of the UIIA states that the EP shall invoice the MC within 60 days from the date the equipment is returned to the EP. If an invoice is issued beyond this timeframe, the EP loses it right to collect the charges.

A – This information is contained in each of the EPs addenda. MCs can download copies of any EPs addenda when they access their account online. Simply go to "Download EP Addenda Info" and click on “EP Per Diem/Free Time Info to download this information for all EPs in a PDF format.

A – The Agreement does not address the specific documentation that the EP is required to provide, however it does indicate under Section E.6.d. that the EP shall provide documentation reasonably necessary to support its invoices.

A – Section E.3.a.1. of the UIIA identifies the required information the EP must provide when billing for repairs. This would include:

  1. Copy of Actual Repair Invoice. In instances where the a copy of the actual repair bill is not available to Provider, documentation containing the repair vendor's name, repair date, location and a control number that ties the documentation to the invoice provided to the Motor Carrier is acceptable, in lieu of the actual repair bill.
  2. Factual documentation supporting the Provider's determination that the Motor Carrier is responsible for the charges being billed. (i.e. A copy of an in-gate Equipment Interchange Receipt would be considered a type of factual documentation to substantiate charges billed.)

A – Section E.3.c. of the Agreement set for the established timeframes for billing for repairs.

Standard Gate Systems (manned): Not later than 165 calendar days.

AGS Gates Systems (unmanned): Not later than 120 calendar days following the interchange transaction giving rise to the bill.

Invoices for repairs made during the during the Interchange Period must be issued no later than 90 calendar days from the date of the repair. Provider may, in its addendum, adopt a shorter billing timeframe, which is no less than 45 days, and applies to both the Motor Carrier and Provider.

A – Exhibits B and C of the Agreement clarify damage and the responsibility for repair and/or replacement of equipment items as follows:

  • Exhibit B — identifies items that are the Owner's responsibility as a result of normal wear and tear. The Motor Carrier would only be responsible for the repair of items listed under this Exhibit if it was a result of "damage" caused by the Motor Carrier's negligence.
  • Exhibit C — identifies items that are the Motor Carrier's responsibility during the Interchange Period

A – Exhibit A sets forth items that the Motor Carrier is responsible for visually or audibly checking prior to the use of the Equipment. It does not establish any kind of invoicing responsibilities. These items are set forth in Exhibits B and C.

A – Yes. If a Motor Carrier receives a per diem billing associated with equipment that has been lost, stolen or destroyed where the Motor Carrier believes the per diem billing is excessive based on the specific circumstances surrounding the claim, then it may submit the claim for binding arbitration. The Motor Carrier must first dispute the charges with the EP in accordance the dispute resolution process in the EP’s addendum. If there is no dispute process in the EP’s addendum, then the default dispute resolution process in Section H.1. should be utilized. The MC would have 15 calendar days from the date the EP declines its dispute to file the case for binding arbitration. Click here to download the binding arbitration packet.


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