UIIA Insurance Agency Ad Listing

The Insurance Agent Directory provides agents the opportunity to promote their services to over 14,000 intermodal trucking companies. Agents are encouraged to reserve a space within the Insurance Agent Directory to expand their visibility in the transportation industry.

Please see table below for pricing of basic and premium listings in the Insurance Agent Directory.

Insurance Agents Directory Information & Pricing

Basic Agent Listing

IANA Member Rate


Non-Member Rate

  • Insurance Agency Company name
  • Address
  • Phone, Fax and Agency e-mail address
Premium Agent Listing

IANA Member Rate


Non-Member Rate


includes all of the information above plus:

  • Individual Contact Information
  • Link to Agency Website
  • Company Logo
  • Google Location Map w/Directions
  • Description of Company - limit 100 words

To purchase a space in the online directory please complete the ONLINE AGENT LISTING REGISTRATION FORM below. An Information Services customer service representative will contact your company upon receipt of the completed online registration form.

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