Intermodal Driver Database

Intermodal Driver Database

A secured web-based system that is used to verify driver identification information required to access specific intermodal facilities. The IDD contains approximately 490,000 active driver records provided by over 16,000 motor carrier companies.

Benefits Of The Intermodal Driver Database

  • Offers potential to increase cargo/unit visibility and theft prevention.
  • Increases Motor Carrier and facility efficiencies by reducing vehicle queue time.
  • Provides a centralized web interface linked to the UIIA for Motor Carriers to manage and update their drivers.
  • Provides IDD subscribers with real-time access to driver information via web portal, electronic data transmissions or API.

IDD Overview

  • Links to UIIA to provide confirmation of driver information as well as UIIA motor carrier interchange status information for IDD subscribers that are also UIIA participants.
  • Assists in preventing fraudulent use of SCAC Codes - The IDD confirms that the driver accessing the facility is registered as an active driver under the Motor Carrier's SCAC Code

Automatic IDD Driver Updates – Motor Carrier companies interested in establishing electronic data feeds of driver information for the IDD should click here for instructions.


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