Committees & Task Forces

Enhancing knowledge and encouraging participation in the problem solving process

IANA’s standing committees and task forces provide multiple forums to address intermodal business issues and develop solutions to specific challenges that impact industry stakeholders.

Representatives from member companies may participate on any committee. Being named to a committee confers the responsibility to attend periodic meetings and actively participate in committee activities.

Issues considered by committees must meet the following criteria:

  • Involve intermodal safety, service, operations or productivity
  • Involve multiple intermodal stakeholders and not the proprietary interests of one industry segment
  • Not address any commercial interests
  • Must be agreed upon by the majority of the committee
  • Must be able to be addressed within a reasonable timeframe, i.e. 12 – 18 months

Intermodal Interchange Executive Committee

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Intermodal Safety Committee

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Maintenance & Repair Committee

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Operations Committee

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Task forces are formed under the auspices of a committee for the purpose of addressing a specific operations, safety and/or maintenance and repair issue. These groups are temporary and are structured to work on tasks over a specific time frame with deliverables. They are comprised of a balanced set of stakeholders to ensure appropriate involvement, expertise and input. When a Task Force has completed its work, its results/recommendations are presented to committee members for review and adoption.

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Intermodal Recommended Practices

IANA delivers intermodal recommended practices for members to provide actionable knowledge, advance business efficiencies and improve industry operations.


Committee/Task Force Processes and Guidelines


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